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Telecommunications Category - Cell Phones and Calling Cards - Lower The Bills

Telecommunications Category - Cell Phones and Calling Cards - Lower The Bills

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Eliminate your debt!

5 cents a minute, 24/7 with IDT Long Distance

Welcome to the Telecommunications section of Product Siege.  Now is the time to lower those monthly bills, especially when taking advantage of Lower My and the excellent service they can offer you.  Still don't have a cellular phone, now you can.  Visit Simply Wireless for great cell phone rates.  Cell Phone Shop can assist you and your cellular accessory needs offering products by Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, Qualcomm, and Panasonic.

Tired of having to log off to make your phone calls, or just sick of those outrageous phone bills?  Try using your computer to make all of your phone calls.  It's much cheaper and there's a lot less hassle.  And now offering one of the most competitive long distance companies in the business, GTC Telecom, offering switched Long Distance services, Internet service, and dedicated access network capabilities and some of the best long distance rates around.

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Periodically, certain specials will be offered by the various retailers currently listed with Product Siege.  These promotions will be updated as often as the retailers offer them, and will include: specials, coupons, discounts, free shipping and handling, and extra savings that are passed on to you by Product Siege and its partners.  Each link will directly lead you to that retailer's promotion, or main home page.  NOTE: Not all retailers below will necessarily list promotions and discounts.

▼ 50 Free Min Calling Card ▼

FREE 50 MINUTE CALLING CARD- CLICK HERE rechargeable calling cards work like regular calling cards with one exception.  They recharge themselves once they reach a certain threshold.

▼ AT&T ▼

AT&T 5˘ Nights Plan

AT&T One Rate® 7˘ Plan

AT&T One Rate® Weekends Plan

AT&T Unlimited Plan
Get UNLIMITED calling to over 50 million other AT&T Residential Long Distance subscribers. For just $19.95 a month!

AT&T 5˘ Nights Plan
Talk the night away... Now you can get a great flat rate ANY NIGHT. And.... with NO Monthly Plan Fee!

AT&T One Rate® 7˘ Plan
Get the simplicity of one simple rate whenever you call.
All Day, Every Day.

AT&T One Rate® Weekends Plan
Want the best of both worlds - great weekend and competitive weekday rates? For a minimal monthly fee this plan can provide you with both.

▼ Cell Phone Shop ▼

Cell phone desktop charger as low as $12.99.

Car chargers for Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, Samsung are only $6.99

Cell Phone Shop is an online store providing good quality cell phone products to their customers at very low prices. New products are introduced at unbeatable prices every month. Please bookmark there web site and check back often. They guarantee you will find good deals from their store.

Helping you to save money is their goal. They want everyone to be satisfied with their services and come back again. Currently, they are promoting cellular phone hands-free kits at very low prices. Order them now!

Cell Phone Shop ships worldwide. All of their products come with a 3-month guarantee.

▼ GTC Telecom ▼

LD 234x60

Looking for a reliable and inexpensive residential long distance plan? [Product Siege] and GTC Telecom have teamed up to give you quality long distance service at a low price.

GTC Telecom is rapidly expanding its client base to include Residential customers and small & large Business accounts, as well as Wholesalers. Their product line includes switched Long Distance services, Internet service, and dedicated access network capabilities. (They will soon be expanding into Wireless).

GTC Telecom is a Full Service Telecommunications company providing a full range of products and solutions for Residential and Business customers. For the Residential customer, GTC Telecom provides one of the most aggressive Long Distance Plans in the industry, GTC 5 Cent Plan, and a great Internet offering, Unlimited Internet for $9.95 a month. For the Business customer, GTC Telecom provides a one-stop solution for all switched and dedicated communications needs.

▼ Lower My Bills ▼

Shop and compare the best Long Distance rates in your area at Lower My

Lower My is a simple and intuitive Web site: you gather information, tailor a service to your needs and sign-up for the plan that is best for you all online. It is the first nationwide site that empowers you to lower all of your monthly bills - from insurance to long distance - all in one place. And it's free to use! Today, they help you save in fourteen different categories of unavoidable monthly bills. In the coming months, they will expand their coverage to 18 different categories.

▼ Phone Hog ▼

Banner 10000043

Click Here to Join PhoneHog--the Free Long Distance Rewards Program!

▼ Phone Shark ▼

Prepaid Wireless
Find Plans and Phones for my area
authorized wireless distributors

 Instant Online Phone cards & Wireless!

All major brands in one place! They have services provided by Cingular, AT&T, Sprint, MCI, Quest, BTI, PaySmartAmerica, Ultimate Communications, Sonic & Phonetec, just to name a few!

Their mission is to provide the widest selection of major brand prepaid phone cards, prepaid wireless products and prepaid Internet access all in one place. They offer an easy way for their customers to search products based on their needs and location. Finally an easy way to find the products and prices that are right for you. All products are displayed in a way that customers can find the lowest rates based on their calling patterns. Prepaid phone cards almost always have the lowest rates per minute for USA and international calling. You can purchase just what you need, as you need it to manage your cost and avoid “surprise” phone bills. All of their product providers have been thoroughly tested to insure the highest quality and reliability that you deserve. They continually add new products and now offer products that work from over 100 countries with access to all countries. Whether you need a travel calling card for a one-time use instead of paying ridiculous hotel room phone bills or you just want to save big on your home phone bill this is the place for you.

▼ Simply Wireless ▼

Click here to receive a free AT&T cell phone and $40 cash back from Simply

SAVE $50 on any cell phone when you activate an AT&T rate plan of $29.99 or more at Simply

Simply is one of the country's largest authorized dealers of AT&T Wireless service. We offer great prices on cell phones from Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Panasonic and more! Our reputation for providing top-quality products, information and customer service has earned us AT&T's "Master Dealer" status.

▼ ZapTel - The Phone Card Superstore ▼ - Best Phone Card Rates Worldwide!

Welcome to, where they have revolutionized how you can obtain the best domestic and international calling rates. Now you can sit back, and with a few clicks of your mouse, can easily compare the best calling plans and prepaid rates available.



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