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Internet and Online Category - ISP and Hosting Services - Banner and Animations

Internet and Online Category - ISP and Hosting Services - Banner and Animations

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 Animation Factory
 Apollo Hosting
 Blast Surf
 dot.FM Domain Registration
 Dotster Domain Registration
 Easy DNS
 Get Hits Web Promotion
 Host Save
 Jumpline Web Hosting
 Netfirms Free Hosting
 NetZero Platinum
 PowWeb Web Hosting
 Search Cactus

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Start Sellng On The Web Today

Unlimited file storage for all your files!

Welcome to the Internet and Online section of Product Siege.  The retailers located below will help any webmaster or online beginner build a web page,  register a domain name, and get excellent web hosting from a number of the listed hosting services including Apollo Hosting, Jumpline, or PowWeb Hosting and iPowerWeb, depending on the type of service that you are looking for.  

There are also internet service providers, including high-speed DSL from BlastSurf, as well as design firms including Animation Factory, roaming internet providers, and web promotion sites to help you kick start your online business.  Also available now is CityMax.  Make your own FULL FEATURED, Extremely AFFORDABLE website in JUST 5 MINUTES. No Programming Required! Sites include everything from shopping carts, ecommerce, auto responders, newsletters, catalogs and tons more.  How To Get A Website In 5 Minutes without programming! Within minutes of signing up for the free trial, you can have a website with more features and power than most webmasters. The hardest thing you will have to do is click your mouse to add features to your site and then simply type in the words on each page through a text editor similar to Microsoft Word. CityMax is designed for small businesses but frankly, anyone can use it since it only costs 20 bucks and is super easy to use. All we can say is if you need a website, then check out CityMax.

 Shopping Specials, Savings, Discounts, & Promotions

Periodically, certain specials will be offered by the various retailers currently listed with Product Siege.  These promotions will be updated as often as the retailers offer them, and will include: specials, coupons, discounts, free shipping and handling, and extra savings that are passed on to you by Product Siege and its partners.  Each link will directly lead you to that retailer's promotion, or main home page.  NOTE: Not all retailers below will necessarily list promotions and discounts.

▼ Animation Factory ▼

1000's of Animations and Web Graphics

Over 100,000 Premium Web Animations and Graphics! Click Here

Animation Factory was founded  in 1996. They originally began producing animated images for other clipart collections and websites. In June of 1999 they became a part of network, allowing them to grow and to rapidly increase the services they could offer to their customers. At the same time, their staff began producing the still images and web designs that populate MediaBuilder.

▼ Apollo Hosting ▼

Want Fast, Reliable Web Hosting? Click Here!

At Apollo Hosting they have High Speed Connections and reliable servers at discounted prices. With their domain hosting online order form they can set up your account in just 10 minutes! 

▼ Blastsurf High-Speed Internet ▼

DSL for only $19.99 per month

Surf the internet at 50 times faster than standard dial-up! No phone line needed!

They offer DSL, Cable and Satellite high-speed internet access. is a wholly owned subsidiary of WebClick Concepts, Inc. BlastSurf brings you among the widest selection of high-speed access providers in the marketplace today. While these technologies are at its infancy, they are growing in popularity at record pace. Today only 3% of the US market connects to the internet through one of these technologies. BlastSurf has positioned itself to capture this growing market through this website and through it's retail stores located in major malls throughout the U.S.

▼ CityMax ▼

For People Who Don't Know How to Build Websites
How to have a website 5 minutes from now!

CityMax's newly introduced website building technology makes it easy for anybody to make a website and be online to the entire world in five minutes or less.

Just make a few selections and you can be online to the world to the amazement of your peers, friends and competition. What used to take weeks and cost thousands, now takes minutes, looks better, is more powerful and costs less than $20. This technology allows anybody, including those without any website building experience, to build websites as good as the professionals but without the hassle and headaches.

Getting started is as easy as clicking the link below.

Click Here to Build Your Website and be done in five minutes!

By the way, sign up today and get free unlimited shopping carts, mailing lists, and ten email accounts! Almost forgot, there's a free trial that will help you get online today.

▼ dot.FM Domain Registration ▼

Get a Great Sounding Web Address!  .FM

Click HERE for a .FM Web Address. dotFM is... THE Premium Multimedia Domain Name.

"Get a Great Sounding Web Address!"

▼ Dotster Domain Registration ▼

Select a Domain

$8.95 Domain Transfer, the best value around, get a year added to your expiration date, and a great control panel.

Dotster is an ICAAN accredited domain registrar providing top quality services, multiple domain checking and registering capabilities(up to 100 domains at a time),Namespin, and domain parking features.

▼ Easy DNS ▼

control your domain


Bulletproof Secondary DNS plus a Backup Mail Spool Click here

Easy DNS provides DNS and domain name management tools to domain holders in over 30 countries. Their customers rely on them to keep their domain names operational on the web and we've never let them down. They are one of the best kept secrets on the internet (until now :)

With web forwarding, email forwarding, DNS management and dynamic DNS as standard options, all supported by our unrivalled customer service, they pick up where most "web address" and "domain registration" companies leave off. "Where have you been hiding all my life?" is a question they hear frequently from their new users.

▼ Get Hits ▼

To promote your website, we recommend Website Promotion.

Promote Your Website
Creating a great website is a very effective form of communication and commerce. The Internet is an incredible online community which has over 100 million users. Never before has there been an opportunity to access that large a group of potential customers within one advertising medium; however, without the right exposure, your website will not be seen by a single person! The success of your online venture is directly related to the promotion of your website.

For this reason, get was created to provide you with tested and proven methods to gain exposure (and more traffic) to your website. We highly recommend this company as the industry leader in effective website promotion. Please Click here to see how they can help you get hits.

▼ Host Save ▼

HostSave-$6.95 web hosting

Why pay for features that you don't need and will never use? Whether you are a beginner or expert, most sites don't need gigs of space and 20+ email accounts. 

Now save money on domain registration! Don't pay $70, don't pay $35. You always save with HostSave.

▼ iPowerWeb, Inc Web Hosting ▼


Web Hosting - $7.95 - Free Setup - Rebates

iPowerWeb - Introducing the most powerful hosting solution - 800 MB, 400 POP Emails, SSL, FTP, Stats, CGI, PHP, MySQL, Frontpage Ext.

Do not be fooled by other low cost hosting providers. Their hosting solutions are powered by the most advanced hosting platform available. Their high performance servers provide you with unparalleled performance, security, and control.

Founded in 1998 in Santa Monica, CA, iPowerWeb is recognized as an industry pioneer and a trusted name in providing Web-based solutions directly to businesses and to various vertical markets.

iPowerWeb, Inc develops and distributes products and services through VAR channels, vertical distributors, and directly to the market worldwide.

iPowerWeb is a respected leader in the IT/ASP industry, which includes product lines such as hosting, access, total Web solution, e-commerce, content, marketing, and financial services. iPowerWeb provides all these products as an ASP in a co-branded, private label fashion and directly to the consumer with a commitment to the highest quality, reliability, service, and customer satisfaction.

▼ Jumpline Web Hosting ▼ Web Hosting

They offer premium web hosting with 24 hr tech support, free intuitive Domain Manager, and more space and bandwidth for the money.

▼ Netfrims Free Web Hosting ▼, free web hosting and e-mail Click here

Host your website for FREE!
Their service is easy-to-use for beginners yet flexible enough for advanced webmasters requiring Perl/CGI, SSI, and Flash capabilities.

We've got a plan for you.
Choose their free web hosting plan or one of their premium hosting plans, which include features such as extra disk space and multiple POP & web based e-mail accounts.

We are committed to your success.
Their comprehensive support section has answers to hundreds of your most frequently asked questions. Of course, if you can't find what you’re looking for, you can always contact their friendly support team.

▼ NetZero Platinum ▼

The Ultimate Internet

Why spend $23.90/month on AOL? Get NetZero Platinum's fast, reliable internet access for only 9.95/month.

NetZero Platinum is a $9.95/month ISP service which is less than 1/2 the cost of AOL or Earthlink. The service includes fast reliable connections, thousands of access numbers, and 24 hour customer support.

▼ PowWeb Hosting ▼

PowWeb Web Hosting- 100 MB, Free Setup, $7.77/month!

They are the first web hosting company ever to offer only one web hosting package for one LOW price, at only $7.77 per month! It comes with:, 100 MB of webspace, FTP, Cgi-Bin, 50 POP3 email account, 100 email forwarding, Control Panel, Web based Mail, SSL, PHP3, MySQL, 30-day money back guarantee, and more! Can your web host offer you all this for $7.77/month with no setup fees? Plus, all PowWeb Hosting customers can receive up to an additional 3 months free for referring new customers.

▼ Search Cactus▼

Make over $100 in 5 minutes!

SearchCactus is a search engine that pays users $2.00 to sign up, $0.02 a click and 25% of all their referrals income. With their new Quick Cash program users can make over $500 in 5 minutes. SearchCactus provides the best search results on the web! 

▼ Streamload ▼

Click here to open a free unlimited file storage account!

Streamload is an online file storage service. They offer unlimited storage for all of your music, movies, videos, pictures, and documents! Have 100s of gigabytes of MP3, AVI, MPEG and JPG files? Bring it on! There are no storage limits on Streamload.



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