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Home Decorating - Tankless Water Heaters - Vacuum Cleaners and Gardening Supplies

Home Decorating - Tankless Water Heaters - Vacuum Cleaners and Gardening Supplies

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Purchase Tankless Water Heaters
Tankless Water Heaters: Purchase Now!

Holiday Quilt only $29.99

Welcome to the Home and Living section of Product Siege.  Are you ready to redecorate the inside of your home, maybe add a new garden, or replace that old hot water heater with an energy efficient, tankless water heater?  Maybe you simply need a new vacuum cleaner from Bissell Corporation that is up to the job of cleaning your home.  Product Siege has brought to you some great retailers that can provide some excellent products and services for your home, including Gump's which is an eminent purveyor of unusual, exclusive and high quality merchandise.

You can also find real estate listings assorted by Owners, Real Estate Agents, or Builders.  Even obtain some energy efficient items for your new or existing homes from Green Feet.  And ' forget to visit Home Visions for some excellent deals and great value on home furnishings.

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Periodically, certain specials will be offered by the various retailers currently listed with Product Siege.  These promotions will be updated as often as the retailers offer them, and will include: specials, coupons, discounts, free shipping and handling, and extra savings that are passed on to you by Product Siege and its partners.  Each link will directly lead you to that retailer's promotion, or main home page.  NOTE: Not all retailers below will necessarily list promotions and discounts.

▼ Bissell Corporation ▼


CLICK HERE For Bissell Vacuum Cleaners

BISSELL Inc. is a 124-year-old privately held, international manufacturer of home- and floor- care cleaning products including sweepers, vacuums, deep cleaning machines and cleaning formulas sold at retail locations nationwide and now on the web. Founded by the inventor of the carpet sweeper, BISSELL continues to be an industry pioneer, bringing innovative home- and floor-care products to market, including the PowerSteamer ProHeat the industry's first continually heated, upright deep cleaner.

▼ Coldwater Creek ▼

Coldwater Creek.com Outlet - up to 70% off

Coldwater Creek? Distinctive apparel and accessories for the woman with a keen sense of her own style.

Coldwater Creek headquarters in Sandpoint, Idaho, is tucked away in the Rocky Mountains on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille. They specialize in women's apparel, accessories and gifts. Apparel that carries the wide-open flavor of this area, yet suits decidedly urban landscapes as well.

Less than 20 years ago they began as a home business with only one phone, an extra-long cord, a closet stuffed with merchandise and a fierce determination to set new standards for mail order service. Today, their employee roster has swelled to about 1,900 and the home office has grown to a 20-acre campus surrounded by broad Rocky Mountain vistas.

Customer service is one of the fundamental business principles at Coldwater Creek, and they always appreciate recognition for their commitment to excellence. In 2000 and 2001, they were honored to receive the prestigious Grand Prix Customer Service Award online customer service support from Teleperformance. In deciding on a recipient, national and international online companies are extensively monitored and evaluated by telephone, e-mail and Instant Help.

▼ Cooking.com ▼

Find the Best Cookware, Electrics

Shop for Easter baking supplies at Cooking.com!

Cooking.com is designed to offer the best assortment of cookware, accessories and specialty foods available anywhere.  Our site also offers exciting creative content like recipes, menus and tips from today's top chefs. Please enjoy your visit and contact us immediately if we can be of assistance.

Cooking.com was founded in early 1998, based on a belief that there was a better way to sell cooking products and to provide value-added cooking content. Since then, their team has worked hard to create the web's best shopping experience, as well as the best place to search for recipes or to buy any product that will make cooking easier or more rewarding. Providing a great experience means the following to Cooking.com:

  • A complete assortment of products, including every top brand.
  • A shopping experience that is extremely intuitive, simple and fun.
  • Fast delivery--backed up by our new distribution center.
  • Highly responsive customer service by phone and email.
  • Total security for your personal information.

Their team, located in Southern California, has a lot to offer you. Many of their buyers have devoted their entire careers to the cooking industry. Several members of their content and customer service teams are trained chefs. The rest of the group provides the technical and operational skills that create a great customer experience. All of them are committed to providing great products and exciting content.

Their content partners include Burt Wolf, Weldon Owen Publishing, Fine Cooking and Food & Wine Magazines. They also draw on their Chef's Roundtable (which includes Joyce Goldstein, Allen Susser, and Mark Bittman among others) to provide the latest cooking techniques.

▼ eZiba ▼

Get $15 off $100 @ Eziba

The Eziba difference is wider and deeper than pictures on a website or a promise in a press release. It's a consciousness of love and global style. They'll never promise you the world. But They'll use our understanding to select the most exquisite crafts the planet has to offer. As translators, they bring the world together. They enable global artisans to talk with consumers clearly and with relevance.

▼ The Fuller Brush Company ▼

Fuller Brush...FREE Product with every order!!

The Fuller Brush Company continues to grow and to answer the need for unique, quality products and personal service. Approaching the Twenty-first Century, the modern and flexible manufacturing facility near Great Bend, Kansas, continues a tradition of excellence by producing the world-famous quality products associated with The Fuller Brush Company. State-of-the-art automated equipment is mixed with many operations completed entirely and lovingly by skilled hands, so customers receive value without sacrificing beauty. 

More than 2,000 items are formed within the bustling twelve-acre plant including: 

  • Household/Business Cleaning Aids
  • Polishes & Wax Products
  • Cotton & Synthetic Mops
  • Floor Brushes & Brooms
  • Stainless Steel Sponges
  • Twisted Wire Brushes & Swabs
  • Personal Care Brushes
  • Lotions and Fragrances
  • Hair Care Aids
  • Plastics, Wood-Shaped
  • Formed Metal
  • Silk-Screened Graphics
  • Aerosols, Chemicals

▼ Green Feet ▼

Energy efficient appliances from Green Feet.com

We are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about our products, so you are 100% confident in your purchase. Our first responsibility is to provide high-quality, truly natural products you can trust. If you don't trust us, then you won't buy from us again and, quite frankly, we don't like that any more than you do.

▼ Gump's (Hanover Direct) ▼

Banner 10000005

Give your bath the elegance of a spa with bath accessories from Gumps.com

Gump's San Francisco was founded in the city by the bay in 1861. As Solomon Gump's good taste guided his store, his discerning eye guided the Gold Rush days and the decades to follow. Gump and his emporium grew with this 19th century city, introducing the burgeoning gentry to the graces of decorative arts from all over the world.

Today, Gump's is an eminent purveyor of unusual, exclusive and high quality merchandise and since the turn of the century, the core of its cachet has been its close ties to the Pacific rim. Its East/West character remains at the heart of the store's current incarnation. The exciting expansion of Gump's jewelry collection is one of its newest dimensions.

▼ Home Visions ▼

Shop for affordable furniture at HomeVisions.com!

Click here for great values on home furnishings at Home Visions.com

Discover new and exciting decorating products and ideas presented by Home Visions. Home Visions has fantastic values on all the latest decorating trends for every room in your house. Explore the decorating possibilities whether it be Southwest, Asian, Classic European, Rustic America or any of your traditional favorite styles. Home Visions has the ideas and products to help you coordinate an entire room beautifully.

▼ Improvements Catalog (HSN Improvements, LLC) ▼

Banner 10000113

Help your home "weather" the wrath of Mother Nature! Improvements Catalog.com

A note to you from Improvements Catalog:

"Thanks for visiting! Here's where you'll find out how simple it is to make life a little easier around your home, yard and car...with practical "Quick-and-Clever Problem-Solvers" from Improvements!  Whether your home is 5 years old or 75, it's sure to have one thing in common with everyone else's: you never seem to be finished fixing this, renovating that, improving the other. Same is true with your yard and car."

"Ken's Product Picks" are just a sampling of the problem-solvers you'll find on this site. I picked these because our customers picked these...by the thousands! They're some of our most popular items from our printed catalog!  But there's one thing true about ALL the 1,000+ problem-solvers on our site...each item will have you saying, "I've been looking for something like this!"

Ken Ellingsen, President

P.S. Shop on-line with confidence...your complete satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed, and our web site uses Secure Server Technology, for worry-free shopping!

▼ Landscape USA ▼

Banner 10000033

Landscape USA.com is a leading destination web site for landscaping, irrigation, and gardening. Combining e-commerce, content, and community, the web site provides something for every gardener, from serious do-it-yourself landscapers, to the novice. Features include shopping, tutorials, technical help and tips, landscape and garden ideas, community discussion, and personalized shopping.

They are also building out some of the best tools available to help enable the landscape and garden industry to take advantage of the Internet.

The founders and staff of Landscape USA.com bring over 75 years combined experience in landscape and garden design, installation, maintenance, and garden center retailing. Our staff includes licensed landscape and irrigation contractors, master gardeners and landscape designers, horticulturists, teachers, and novice gardeners --- real people who are available to help with questions from customers

▼ Linen Place ▼

Luxury linens

Their mission at Linen Place.com is to revolutionize the way people buy home furnishings. They aim to bring you the highest quality products at the best prices. They believe in using e-commerce to bring value to consumers by keeping their costs low and passing the savings on to you. Over the past several years, the number of people buying higher quality goods has increased - yet pricing models have not adapted to this demand. Their pricing makes luxury goods affordable for everyone.

▼ Tankless Water Heaters by Low Energy Systems ▼

Tankless Water Heaters

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.

PH-24Mpad $1,295.00padSpecial Internet Price: $1,089.00padGas: 
Tankless instantaneous on demand water heaters save money and are more energy efficient than tank type water heaters. Tankless water heaters guarantee endless hot water.

The tankless gas water heater has higher gas input ratings. The amount of gas used is related to the incoming water temperature and the volume of water moving through the heater. The burner modulates accordingly. As they have sold tankless for 25 years, they explain the heat exchange efficiency as follows:

The gas is passed through many finely calibrated orifices and then a stainless steel burner that mixes gas with air and distributes the flame over the complete expanse of the heat exchanger which is constructed as a copper fin tube heat exchanger with maximized copper surface area that allows maximum heat transfer efficiency. Big Btu's and efficient combustion yield excellent results.

When you think of a tank type water heater, think of primitive people sitting around a fire with a iron caldron suspended over the fire. They wait for the water to get hot.  

▼ Vacuum Cleaners Etc (Vacuums Unlimited) ▼

Best prices for Vacuums, Bags, Belts , Filters & Accessories

Get $5 off on first buys of vacuums, bags or belts

5 Reasons to buy from Vacuum Cleaners etc.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. 
  • Free Shipping.* 
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 
  • Toll Free & Online Support. 
  • Same Day Shipping on Most Products

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