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Welcome to Product!, where we are striving to become the number one, highly organized internet shopping resource for locating online retailers and the specials, coupons, discounts, free shipping and handling, and extra savings that they offer.  Product Siege was conceptualized in the early spring of 2001 and went live in November 2001.  Since then, our collection of affiliates has continued to grow providing our customers with an exceptional selection of online retailers in our "safe shopping environment!".  We pride ourselves for continually providing an enjoyable, easy to use resource that helps to find some of the largest and well known retailers available on the internet in a safe environment that all can appreciate.

We want to become Your one stop "safe shopping environment!" for all of your online shopping needs.  Here at Product Siege, we have created a conglomeration of some of the leading "name-brand" online resources and e-commerce sites available on the internet.  You can expect to find such respected titles as Dell, Chase Manhattan, Performance Products, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and many more highly respected online retailers in our collection.  We have taken this huge collection of online resources and combined them in an easy to navigate system, that will lead you to the corresponding "category" page.  This "category" page will look similar to this page in nature, and will contain a list, to the left, of all of the matching services and sites currently offered by Product Siege, as well as a the promotional section.

These databases and categories have been created for the ease and use of "you", our valued customer.  This design will help you find what you are looking for in a timely, organized fashion relieving all the stress of getting lost in the vast cyberspace war; e-commerce competition. This means that not only do we hope to create an enjoyable online experience for you, but wish to build relationships with all of our customers, taking into account all requests.  This shopping directory is simply the beginning.  As we get feedback and suggestions from you, our customers, we hope that Product Siege will continue to grow into the thousands.  Should you not be able to find a particular product, site, service, or simply believe that we have forgotten a well deserved site, please do not hesitate to contact us with any and all suggestions at

The Product Siege "Promise"

The "Safe-Shopping Environment!" Product Siege ensures that all online retailers and services that are offered through Product Siege will be proper in nature, content, and material.  We do not support adult oriented retailers or services.  Nor do we support retailers that may inflict a negative tone by race, gender, religion, or any other related destructive opinions.  Our goal is to bring consumers of all areas a direct, relaxed environment to locate retailers on the web, without having to fight through unwanted search engine results, intrusive pop-ups, and mounds of adult material and bothersome unrelated ads.  To our customers we provide our "Safe-Shopping Environment!".

Affiliate With Us

Any business that is interested in affiliating with Product Siege, please click on the Affiliate With Us link located at the bottom of all pages.  Here you will be able to find all of the information needed to get listed in our database of wonderful sites and services.

Please read the Affiliate With Us page before emailing us directly.  If you have not read the instructions you may not get a response.


If you are interested in advertising with Product Siege, please email us with your inquiries by clicking on the Advertising email link located below in the bottom navigation bar.  Please include contact, and all related business information, i.e.; type of business, products and services supplied, etc.  Also, include what type of advertising you are interested in, textual or banner/button.  Enclose examples of the desired ad to placed on Product Siege and desired location of ad.  Emails will usually be responded to within 48 hours.  

All advertising banners and/or buttons are not to exceed a file size of 15 kb.


Phone Number

For all questions and concerns regarding Product Siege you can reach us at the following number:


Email Addresses

For all advertising inquiries please contact
For online retailers seeking affiliation inquiries please contact For all contest inquiries please contact
For all miscellaneous inquiries please contact
For all suggestions please contact

Other Product Siege Information

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Product Siege Partner Site(s)

  • PSN Design - PSN Design is a full service design firm offering a multitude of services including web design, website promotion, graphic design, web hosting and domain name registration.  PSN Design is also a partner of Product Siege and a division of the new PSN (Product Siege Networks).

Product Siege Company Logo

Click the link below to view and save our company logo (right click on the image and choose "save pictures as" if you wish to save the image.)  All copyright and trademark laws apply, you must have explicit written permission from Product Siege to use its logos, content, or any other graphics.

Product Siege Friends

The link below provides a page for all of our online friends, where you can find some excellent online services.  If you would like to be listed in our friends page, simply provide us with a friendly link and email us with the link that you would like to be posted as well as the location of our link.

Product Siege News, Updates, and World Headlines

To see the latest news and upcoming events for Product Siege, and for some up-to-date, real time MSNBC headline news around the world click the link below.

Product Siege Press Releases

To view some of our recent press releases and stay up-to-date, you can visit the below links.

Product Siege Web Awards

To view a comprehensive list of all of the awards that Product Siege has received please click the below link.

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